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Tel: 0800 091 6915

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UK4Business - marketing and social media seminars and training
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Seminars, training courses and consultancy in social media, sales and marketing; designed to help businesses achieve.

With training workshops and seminars covering all aspects of social media, including LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest as well as Email Marketing & Email Newsletters, YouTube, SEO, Wordpress, Blogs, sales appointment setting and a course aimed especially at Social Media ‘Absolute Beginners’, UK4Business will show you how to use these tools to achieve the results you are looking for, whether that's just a better grip of social media, the integration of social media into your existing marketing mix or the means to market, develop, build and grow your business.

We know that your time is valuable to you, so our open seminars are normally run in a three-hour, half-day format, which has been found to aid in both the intake of knowledge and its retention.  

Our trainers are experts, people who specialise in the area they present on - they know what they're talking about and how to convey that information in a concise, practical and enjoyable way.

We want you to get the maximum knowledge and benefit from your investment so our open-seminars are held in superior venues, ensuring comfort and first-class facilities; we usually provide power and Wi-Fi internet access for all delegates to enable you to put what you learn into practice right there and then.

Our training seminars are suitable for businesses of all sizes, from sole-traders and the self-employed through to employees of multinationals and  FTSE 100 companies and across all industry types.

UK4Business offer you:

Excellent value for money

Best use of your investment in time

Superior venues

Wi-Fi internet access

Limited numbers

Comprehensive course hand-outs

Post-course support

100% satisfaction, or your money back

In addition to our open seminars, we can also present our social media and marketing courses and training at your offices or your choice of location under our in-house programme. This can be a cost-effective option if you have five or more people to train or if you would like the course specifically tailored to your requirements.

For those companies looking for more in-depth help or ongoing services, our experts are also available on a consultancy basis, where they can integrate and manage your entire social-media strategy, provide support and guidance to your own staff on an ongoing basis and even manage your entire marketing policy.

Whatever your business, UK4Business can help you achieve.

Get in touch - call us on 0800 091 6915 or click here.
uk4b - training in marketing and social media for businesses

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“Really good content & well explained" Lauren

“Great seminar, particularly for starting up and doing it right from the beginning!" Harriet

“It has immediately changed my perception of LinkedIn" Kevin

“Confident to launch our company on Twitter now" Claire

“A great day! Learned much more than I thought I would - will be booking more very soon" Peter

“Comprehensive insight in to how
to use social media effectively - excellent”

“Helped me to understand the technicalities of email. Good value, I’d recommend it” Sue

“Incredible insight, I will definitely recommend this Facebook course to others" Ian

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