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Seminar overview

Using some of the techniques we’ll show you, a small, growing company gained 607 leads and revenue of £51,428 in 12 months using only the free resources on LinkedIn - find out how you can, too.

Whether you are already one of the 12.1m+ UK people on LinkedIn, but just aren’t gaining business from it, or whether you just don’t know where to start, our UK4Business
Using LinkedIn for Business” half-day training course will give you everything you need to get LinkedIn working for you and your business.

We will show you how to promote yourself and your services; you’ll learn how to use LinkedIn to build your network, generate leads and grow your business.

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During this friendly half-day seminar, you’ll learn:

New: Using LinkedIn via your iPad, tablet or mobile

New: Using LinkedIn Analytics to maximise your advertising reach

New: Latest tips to get your posts seen by more people

How to set-up and optimise your personal profile

How to set-up your company profile

LinkedIn etiquette - the right way to do things (and what to avoid!)

How to find and link to relevant people

How to rapidly (and easily!) grow your personal network on LinkedIn

How to gain recommendations (and a common myth about them dispelled!)

How to give testimonials (and when to avoid doing so)

How to use your LinkedIn page to get great search results on Google

To use the new, improved Contacts facility, including reminders, personal notes & tags

The benefit of LinkedIn Groups and how to use them to network and connect with 1,000s of other targeted people and businesses

How to build a prospect list using advanced search

How to use LinkedIn 'pay per click' advertising to effectively target specific niches and drive them to your website

How to get yourself seen

How to post effectively on LinkedIn

How to use your posts to raise your profile, market your services & generate business

How to use LinkedIn to get expert advice and promote yourself as an expert

How to use LinkedIn to bring your networking into the 21st century and to link it to your traditional networking

How to use LinkedIn to approach people as a 'warm-lead' - avoid dreaded 'cold-calls'

How to effectively (and effortlessly!) combine LinkedIn with Twitter and blogs

What to consider before paying for a LinkedIn 'Premium Account'

Privacy - how to control what others can see about you

Things to consider if you're thinking of using LinkedIn for recruitment (or to be recruited!)

To manage your online time effectively

And lots more besides

“What does it cover, what will I learn?”

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“What’s included?”

In addition to your half-day training, your attendance includes:

Refreshments on arrival and mid-way through the seminar

Wi-Fi access so you can follow along (& keep in touch with your emails if you want to)

Slide-by-slide print out of the presentation so you can add your own notes as you go

An additional, detailed ‘how to’ hand-out to walk you, step-by-step, through numerous tasks

Post-seminar support via a dedicated LinkedIn group - continue to learn after the event from the experts and each other

Direct email access to your trainer after the event

Our guarantee, 100% satisfaction or your money back

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“Is it suitable for me?”

This seminar is suitable for a wide cross-section of people and businesses, including:

People already using LinkedIn, but not getting as much from it as they would like

People new to LinkedIn or with little or no experience of social media

People looking for extra tips on how to maximise their time and effort on LinkedIn

All roles or positions, including employees, directors, the self-employed and managers

All company sizes, including SOHOs, SMEs and larger enterprises

Anyone looking to maximise the benefits of LinkedIn for their business

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Please note:

Whilst this LinkedIn training course is suitable for both existing LinkedIn users as well as beginners, if you would prefer to have step-by-step help with registering a personal account with LinkedIn and the very basics, you may wish to consider attending the UK4Business 'Social Media for Business: Absolute Beginners' training seminar first.

Your industry or business-sector?

We find that the majority of attendees on our ‘Using LinkedIn for Business’ workshop training seminar are involved in B2B (business to business) markets and therefore this tends to be the primary focus of the event; however, it can still be of value for other sectors. If you are uncertain whether it will be suitable for you, or if you have any other queries, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us prior to booking.

“Great seminar, particularly for starting up and doing it right from the beginning!" Harriet

“Excellent course - really informative" Sarah

“I didn’t know what to expect, but I am delighted with this LinkedIn training - professionally presented,very well organised - would certainly recommend it, I have learnt so much!" Nicola

“Given me a better understanding of the power of LinkedIn & its value" Doreen

“I've got my head around LinkedIn now!" Laurence

“LinkedIn demystified! This LinkedIn training will change how I work!” Sharon

“Shown how LinkedIn can be used to readily expand business opportunities" Miles

“Excellent, showed how useful LinkedIn can be for business"

“I am no longer scared of using it. I didn't know what I didn't know!" Simon

“It has immediately changed my perception of LinkedIn" Kevin

“A great day! Learned much more than I thought I would - will be booking more very soon" Peter

“Really good content & well explained" Lauren



Excellent value for money

Easy way to pick up the      knowledge you want

Concentrated half-day format      to maximise your time

Superior venues with Wi-Fi to      help you learn in comfort

Limited numbers to ensure you      receive maximum attention

Post-course support to help      you put it all into practice

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100% satisfaction
or your money-back

Our guarantee


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100% satisfaction
or your money-back

Our guarantee

UK4Business currently offer our social media training, including our Using LinkedIn for Business seminars and LinkedIn for business training courses and workshops in London, Glasgow, Manchester, Liverpool, Chester, Heathrow,  Leeds, Birmingham, Milton Keynes, Winchester, Maidstone, Southampton, Guildford, Reading, Gatwick and Bristol, as well as one-to-one LinkedIn training  courses and advice, in-house training, plus a full marketing and social media consultancy service UK-wide and internationally.

Seminar details


When & where:

Times:  09.00/09.30-12.45

Cost: £187.00 plus VAT

Or save £107 with our
‘All-Day-Discount’ see here

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UK4Business Using LinkedIn for Business training and seminars

Open seminar, half-day

Using LinkedIn for Business

Seminar details


When & where:

Times:  09.00/09.30-12.45

Cost: £187.00 plus VAT

Or save £107 with our
‘All-Day-Discount’ see here

Click here to book online
or call 0800 091 6915